Our company Reign Corporation is an exporter of various items of Himalayan Salt, Marble, Sandstone, Dolomite, Talc and Rice. We are based in Port city Karachi, Pakistan. We have customers from China, Far East countries, Middle Eastern Countries, UK, Europe, Canada and USA. Our logistic partners are available in all of these countries.

Why Choose Pakistan?

Pakistan is one a kind in the when it comes to natural resources and minerals. It is sad that we could not promote our best to the world like China, Korea, USA and Japan.

We have supreme quality of Rock Salt Mines which is not yet been discovered in the other parts of the world. We have few varieties in Marble, but unique and available on very good price as compare to other countries in the world. Then we have Sandstone we have one of the biggest deposits in the world on a very low price same as you can buy from India and Brazil.

Customer Service

It is very important for a buyer to have the right knowledge about Himalayan salt when it comes to buying salt lamps and other Himalayan salt products. Our sales team educates all the customers about the quality of Himalayan salt which help them to order efficiently.

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